Posts in 2011

Using OverThere to control a Windows Server from Java

3rd December 2011

XebiaLab’s OverThere project recently appeared on GitHub. I’ve recently been doing some work on jclouds, where it was noted that OverThere could address a gap in jclouds - controlling Windows Server virtual machines. So I decided to dust off my braincells concerned with Windows Server and take a look at OverThere.

First steps with Cloud Foundry on Amazon EC2

17th September 2011

How do you runĀ Cloud Foundry if you don’t have a spare cloud lying around? Use Amazon EC2.

Hello Ladies! Patrick McKenzie's talk on software for underserved markets

27th March 2011

I don’t usually write articles that are just linking to another article, but this is so good it was worth an exception.

Cloud Computing, for those who have to implement it

11th February 2011
SaaS, PaaS and IaaS? Cutting through analyst-speak and explaining the taxonomy of cloud services.

All change

1st February 2011

Last year I changed jobs. Slightly unusual for a job change, I shifted from a Microsoft .NET company to a Java company. I’m now working for a startup company specialising in cloud computing - a very exciting place to be! My new employer is Cloudsoft Corporation - in a future blog post I’ll talk some more about the flagship product, Monterey.