First steps with Cloud Foundry on Amazon EC2

 17 September 2011  cloud  software-engineering


How do you run Cloud Foundry if you don’t have a spare cloud lying around? Use Amazon EC2.

My day job is at Cloudsoft, where we are working on ways of allowing developers to write applications that truly take advantage of the cloud - like the multicore CPU serial-versus-parallel-execution problem, it’s not simply a case of just running an application on ten machines instead of one. But I digress, and will save talk about Cloudsoft’s unique approach to this problem for a future blog post.

My work at Cloudsoft brings me into contact with various cloud-related technologies, and recently I’ve been able to look at Cloud Foundry, a platform-as-a-service that hosts web applications of several different platforms. The project has been open-sourced, to allow anyone to run their own Cloud Foundry. I wanted to give it a try, but was short of several spare servers to build a cloud from - therefore I turned to Amazon EC2. As part of my work I’ve written up my experiences in a blog post on the Cloudsoft blog.

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Image credit: Márcio V

 17 September 2011  cloud  software-engineering

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