Richard Downer.

Software Engineer turned Cloud Architect.
Retro 1990s computing.
Amateur electronics and hardware.
Personal website, projects and blog.

Blog posts

Hardware Hacking

Operation “turn an old Amiga 600 into a Raspberry Pi” Read more

Could you build a cloud using Raspberry Pis? Let's think this through… Read more

Retro Computing

MS-DOS memory management always was confusing for teenage me. But with the hindsight of a couple of decades, it's actually not as difficult to understand as I first thought. Read more

Here I restore my childhood computer back into its original glory. Read more

Cloud Computing

Once again I had the chance to join ApacheCon Europe, this time to the new “Core” conference. Once again I was presenting on Apache Brooklyn - this time, with two talks! Read more

Software Engineering

Yes, it's time for one of those “here's how I configure my workstation!” blog posts! A colleague recently asked how what were all those strange aliases I was using - so here's a full … Read more

“Know your tools” is one of the key rules serious software developers live by, because it can make you highly productive. How far you can take this rule? Read more


I recently had reason to collect metrics on a Linux server that was to be posted to an analysis service. My requirements were to collect minimum, maximum and average measurements of several key … Read more

Thanks to OpenWRT, I have a fully-functional IPv6 home network Read more

At work

In addition to my own site, I sometimes write posts for Cloudsoft, my employer. Here are some of the articles I've written for their blog:

Apache Brooklyn 1.0 has taken a long journey since its inception, and many people have been involved over that time. Read more

AWS recently announced a new instance class, T3. These are cost-effective instances which offer great price/performance for workloads that use moderate CPU, with the option to burst to high CPU usage whenever needed. Read more