Hello Ladies! Patrick McKenzie's talk on software for underserved markets

27th March 2011

I don’t usually write articles that are just linking to another article, but this is so good it was worth an exception.

All change

1st February 2011

Last year I changed jobs. Slightly unusual for a job change, I shifted from a Microsoft .NET company to a Java company. I’m now working for a startup company specialising in cloud computing - a very exciting place to be! My new employer is [Cloudsoft Corporation][1] - in a future blog post I’ll talk some more about the flagship product, Monterey.

Great start…

13th March 2009
After promising two-weekly updates, it's now been over a month since my first, real, post. Such is the life of many blogs. I plead not guilty!

Welcome to Frontier Town

5th February 2009
Hello! I'm starting a blog. While the rest of the world is starting to catch on to Twitter, and social networking is now a normal part of life for many, I'm just entering the 21st century with a blog.