IPv6 and OpenWRT

22nd September 2017

OpenWRT is a project that has amazed me on multiple occasions. It’s an open source Linux-based Internet router firmware project, compatible with large numbers of off-the-shelf home and SoHo Internet broadband routers. Re-flash a compatible router with the OpenWRT firmware, and suddenly your router can do far, far more than than simple home broadband and wifi routing.

Hello Ladies! Patrick McKenzie's talk on software for underserved markets

27th March 2011

I don’t usually write articles that are just linking to another article, but this is so good it was worth an exception.

All change

1st February 2011

Last year I changed jobs. Slightly unusual for a job change, I shifted from a Microsoft .NET company to a Java company. I’m now working for a startup company specialising in cloud computing - a very exciting place to be! My new employer is Cloudsoft Corporation - in a future blog post I’ll talk some more about the flagship product, Monterey.

Great start…

13th March 2009
After promising two-weekly updates, it's now been over a month since my first, real, post. Such is the life of many blogs. I plead not guilty!

Welcome to Frontier Town

5th February 2009
Hello! I'm starting a blog. While the rest of the world is starting to catch on to Twitter, and social networking is now a normal part of life for many, I'm just entering the 21st century with a blog.