Amiga 1200 adventures on Ebay

24th May 2016

I own an Amiga 1200. Well, it doesn’t really look like one. Back in the late 90s I put my 1200 into a tower conversation kit, so I could do things like fit in a full size hard drive (cheaper than the laptop drives that were required to fit inside the 1200 case) and a CD-ROM drive. However now we’re here in The Future, CompactFlash cards of massive capacities can easily fit inside the 1200 case, and trying to use an IDE CD-ROM on the 1200 always seemed to be more trouble than it was worth. The tower case is unnecessary, and now looks big, and dated and ugly. I’d love to put the 1200 back into its neat all-in-once case, but I’d foolishly thrown it out - case, keyboard, and a host of small internal parts. Take away the tower conversion kit and all I have is the mainboard and floppy drive.

Reverse engineering the Amiga 600 keyboard

14th April 2014

Operation “turn an old Amiga 600 into a Raspberry Pi”