Software Engineering

Richard's Ideal Workstation in 2016

31st March 2016

Yes, it’s time for one of those “here’s how I configure my workstation!” blog posts! A colleague recently asked how what were all those strange aliases I was using - so here’s a full description of how I set up my developer workstation to my idea of near-perfection.

Presenting Apache Brooklyn in 2015 at ApacheCon Core Europe

13th October 2015

Once again I had the chance to join ApacheCon Europe, this time to the new “Core” conference. Once again I was presenting on Apache Brooklyn - this time, with two talks!

Presenting Brooklyn at ApacheCon Europe

23rd August 2014

I’m very pleased to be able to present my first major conference talk, talking about the Apache Brooklyn incubator project, at ApacheCon Europe 2014 in November.

Reverse engineering the Amiga 600 keyboard

14th April 2014

Operation “turn an old Amiga 600 into a Raspberry Pi”

Using SSH on Amazon EC2 Windows servers

28th October 2013

Amazon EC2’s images for Windows servers can be made accessible with passwordless SSH login, just like Linux, without requiring custom images.

A Raspberry Pi cloud thought experiment

22nd October 2013

Could you build a cloud using Raspberry Pis? Let’s think this through…

Taking tools the max. With BASIC?

3rd November 2012

“Know your tools” is one of the key rules serious software developers live by, because it can make you highly productive. How far you can take this rule?

Using Java to get the Administrator password of a Windows EC2 instance

3rd March 2012

Windows instances on Amazon EC2 are given a random password. This post will show how to use Java to retrieve this password.

Enabling WinRM Windows Remote Management in one step

25th February 2012

My earlier script to enable WinRM in one step has been cleaned up and is now on GitHub.

Using OverThere to control a Windows Server from Java

3rd December 2011

XebiaLab’s OverThere project recently appeared on GitHub. I’ve recently been doing some work on jclouds, where it was noted that OverThere could address a gap in jclouds - controlling Windows Server virtual machines. So I decided to dust off my braincells concerned with Windows Server and take a look at OverThere.

First steps with Cloud Foundry on Amazon EC2

17th September 2011

How do you run Cloud Foundry if you don’t have a spare cloud lying around? Use Amazon EC2.

Hello Ladies! Patrick McKenzie's talk on software for underserved markets

27th March 2011

I don’t usually write articles that are just linking to another article, but this is so good it was worth an exception.

Cloud Computing, for those who have to implement it

11th February 2011
SaaS, PaaS and IaaS? Cutting through analyst-speak and explaining the taxonomy of cloud services.

Professional ASP.NET MVC 1.0

12th June 2009
Book review • ASP.NET Web Forms is dead, only it isn’t really, because ASP.NET MVC is just different, and not a replacement. This book explains what ASP.NET MVC is all about.

From Visual SourceSafe to Subversion

5th April 2009
A few years ago, we (at the company I work for) decided to move away from Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (VSS) to Subversion. This post describes how you can get started down the same route.

Of Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, and why to get rid of it

21st March 2009
Microsoft Visual SourceSafe is the tool used by a great many small Microsoft software development shops. Unfortunately SourceSafe is one of the weakest version control systems around.

Ship It!, from the Pragmatic Programmers series of books

9th February 2009
Book review • This book isn't about project management, requirements or scheduling - it's about getting your code working reliably, your coders working together, and your software completed.